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Jan 13, 2013 9:00am PST
written by anonymous christians somewhere, i don't know, between 90-100 and that jesus himself would have been born sometime around 0, that's a lot of room to begin looking to the bible for ideas to express what you think is religioussy important about jesus and that's why i would look at these -- but i think mary was home in nazareth when she had jesus, i don't think she was in bethlehem. >> well, let's go to the basics, first of all, the year. was it not four years before a.d. started? >> well, a.d. starts as a medieval convention. jesus, if he's born -- this is one of the chronological differences between the gospels. if harrod is alive as he has to be from matthew's birth narrative to work we know that harrod died in minus 4. if there is a tax which happens when corinius is the liggot of syria as luke says, we know that a tax that happened in plus 6. so you have to pick where you want, matthew and luke named different points. >> is there an abundance of evidence forthcoming from archeology and other sources that will settle all of these matters, do you think, upcoming? >> well, it's h
Jan 6, 2013 9:00am PST
of doctors from brands? i don't want to -- we're not here to fault brand drugs and we'll explain that in a minute. but, there is no advertising for the drugs that we're talking about here. the generic drugs. >> very little promotion of generic drugs to consumers or doctors. >> because when the brand drugs goes off patent, you get a variety of generic companies. it's per missibility and for all genarks to enter the competition, correct? >> for the first 6 months, the first generic manufacturer to challenge the patent has exclusivity for 6 months. this is very important because this was created by the hatch wax man act in 1984. and it creates a 6 month exexclusivity for the first generic company because we want judge nark companies to come into the market. after 6 months, the generic drug goes from being a monopoly product to a commodity. get lots of hopefully lots of manufacturers coming in producing quality generics. that works in consumers benefit because it's competition and the ability to say no to one manufacturer in favor of another for price concessions&that's how consumers
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2